Time to Show Off Your Perfectly Fitted Lingerie!

Learn how to wear our products in style and with ease by viewing our video demonstrations or reading our simple, clear instructions below.

In the videos, Coco will show you how putting on your new lingerie is done!

How to Wear Full-body Shapewear

Step One

Slide your legs into the shapewear.

Step Two

Begin pulling the shapewear up as you twist your hips left and right until the bottom half of the shapewear fits snugly around your waist.

Step Three

Adjust if needed to make sure that the shapewear is completely covering the lower half of your body comfortably.

Step Four

Slide your arms into the shapewear, and after the piece is completely on, lift the shapewear in the back. This will relieve the stress on your shoulders.

Step Five

Bend over 90 degrees. This will allow your body to adjust to the shapewear. Reach inside the top of the shapewear and adjust your breasts so they fit snugly, but comfortably in the shapewear.

A Few Helpful Tips:


1. Your bra can be worn inside or outside the shapewear. It is up to your preference!


2. Wear your underwear outside of the shapewear, so you don’t have to remove the shapewear when visiting the restroom!


3. If after putting on the shapewear, you still feel stress around your shoulders, please repeat Step Four!

How to Wear Push-up Bras

Step One

Slip the unhooked bra around your back and buckle it in the front. Then, turn the bra around, slide your arms through the straps, and pull the bra up.

Step Two

Ensure the bra is properly in place. Slide your fingers underneath the bust line and straps to make sure that everything is in position. After the bra is fitting comfortably, bend forward 90° at the waist, then use one hand to pull your breasts into the cups from the side and secure them snugly inside the bra.

Step Three

Adjust the straps to fit snugly, but not too tight! There should be enough space for one finger to slide underneath the straps.

Step Four

Adjust the cups for comfort and fit. You may want to bend forward to make sure that nothing slides down and to see if anything needs additional attention.

The Perfect Fit Checklist!

Once you have followed these steps, use this simple, helpful checklist to ensure that your bra is on properly!


  1. Ensure that the bra cups fully contain your bust and that there is no overflow over the cup line.
  2.  Make sure that the band of the bra fits straight across your back in a non-constricting way.
  3. Fit the straps tight to your shoulders, so that they do not slide around.
  4. Make sure that the center bridge of the bra lays flat against your chest and that it is not disoriented.

How to Wear Hip Lifting Pants

Step One

Slide your legs into the pants

Step Two

Begin pulling the pants up by twisting your hips left and right

Step Three

Make adjustments to ensure the garter is in place and the pants is properly in place. Adjust the cups by scooping your butt into the cups of the pants

Step Four

Lift your legs on each side to adjust your butt more into the cups of the pants

A Helpful Checklist!

Once you have followed all the steps, use this checklist to make sure everything is in place

  1. Check everything to make sure that the pants are properly covering your bottom half.
  2. If you feel tight or restrained, make any necessary adjustments to the garter and cups of the pants
  3. If the cups still feel out of place, lift your legs more to adjust the cups

How to Wear Waist Cincher

Step One

Wear the waist cincher and start clasping the hooks

Step Two

Begin pulling the waist cincher down and fix the staps

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