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Used in the most comfortable, curve-smoothing lingerie made just for you!

At Bradoria, we use only the finest world-class materials in our products...

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Say "Hello" to freedom! Move with ease and comfort while feeling beautiful!

Lycra’s bi-directional stretch technology allows the fabric to fit like a second skin, bringing out your natural shape and smoothing out your figure.



Feel confident and comfortable every season with this smooth, soft and absorbent fabric!

Korean Silk Fibroin contains protein, which adds moisture to the skin during the winter and has anti-bacterial, skin-protective benefits during the summer.

Chinese Therapeutic Lining Materials



In traditional Chinese medicine, magnets are known to activate acupuncture points and improve blood circulation. This fabric provides your most sensitive areas with the gentleness they need, while adding a sexy "push-up" effect to your chest.



Far Infrared Ray (FIR) heals, soothes, stimulates and detoxes the body and the mind. The red dots in the photo disappear when heated by the pressure of your chest, activating micro-circulation of blood and supporting cardiac function.



Made with tourmaline gemstone fiber, this padding fabric can improve your metabolism. Tourmaline is both pyro-electric and piezoelectric. When heated or put under pressure, it produces a detoxifying, cleansing effect on the nerve system, organs and tissues.



Massaging beads are made of simulated pearls that move along with breast movement. It stimulates blood circulation in your chest as you go about your day.

Let Our Fabrics Help You Feel Sexy and Healthy in Mind, Body, and Soul!

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