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Seamless Cami Crop Top Bra for Women with 1/2 Sleeve - Innovation Push Up Arm Shaper Bra #11831


An Innovative Ergonomic Bra for You

Looking for a light, airy bra that both sculpts your curves and gives you a lasting result? Our Full Cup Intelligent Curve Short Sleeve Push-Up Bra is made of Intelligent Curve Fabric, the latest innovation in lingerie. This half cami bralette gives you the ultimate shaping and comfortable experience while enhancing your natural curves. Over time, the components in the fabric work to give you younger, smoother skin and permanently sculpt your curves into the perfect hourglass shape. This bra truly is what you have been searching for!

Key Features

  • Made of Intelligent Curve Fabric for Your Ease of Wear and the Ultimate Shaping Experience
  • Thin, Second-Skin Fit for Invisibility Underneath all Types of Clothing- no show through!
  • Front V-shape design casts a dramatic and natural push-up effect without underwire for maximum comfort
  • Back U-shape design smooths back fat to create a flattering, sexy silhouette
  • Good for post surgery use and posture corrector with mild compression

Style Guide

Mold-cup Extreme Push-up

Design Details

1/2 Sleeve Crop Top Bra

Camisole style provides a shaper effect to upper quarter body, improve overall posture for women.

Contour Back & Shoulder

Better Protect Your Shoulder Joint and Relieve Back and Lower Neck Pain. No more hunchbacks or bulges.

Breathing Arm Shaper

Armpit mesh features supreme breathability. Moderate compression around arms to tighten flabby skin.

Wide Side Bone & Mold Cup

Accentuate a sexy cleavage with natural push-up effect. Centralizing underarm fat towards the "cup" area.

*Important Note- always hand wash with warm water to ensure your lingerie stays in its best condition!


4 x 3


Not Insertable

Push-up Level










About Intelligent Curve Fabric

Made of a thin, light slimming fabric that is used by high-end professionals in Italy's fashion industry, our Intelligent Curve fabric uses natural healing properties to give you a younger, fresher, and healthier skin.

Say goodbye to cellulite with this innovative fabric! The Nurel fiber used in the material is rich in caffeine, retinol, fat acids, aloe vera, and Vitamin E, which work to heal different skin conditions caused by fat deposits. The components also stimulates microcirculation and improve the skin tissue oxygenation, helping you to burn fat quickly. This fabric is truly the perfect blend of comfort, style, and innovation.

Learn more about Intelligent Curve Fabric Here


Feather weight

Shape retention

Non curling

Pilling resistant

Quick drying