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Nipple Cover Silicon Pads (Pair)

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Perfectly Hidden Nipple Covers

Hiding your nipples will be as easy as wearing a normal bra with our Bradoria’s Nipple Cover Silicon Pads! Easily wear them directly under your dress or even use this as pads of your bra. It is reusable, easy to use and have a long-lasting adhesive. Simply stick it in your nipples and put it back on the silicone cover afterward. This is a wonderful choice for wearing your bra or not. It is seamless and hides perfectly under your t-shirts, outwear and sweaters. Made for all skin types and let you have a natural look on your breasts.

Key Features

  • Silicone nipple pads for wearing different clothes.
  • Made to be reusable and is very easy to use.
  • Long-lasting adhesive and is comfortable.
  • Stick it back on silicone cover after use.
Design Details
  • Seamless and designed under crop tops, sports bra, swimwear, and others.
  • Made for all skin types.
  • Good silicone quality for a better natural look.
  • Use as bra pads or even without your bra.