Finding the Right Fitting Bra Can Be a Process

Finding the Right Fitting Bra Can Be a Process
Finding the Right Fitting | Finding a Perfect Bra

It's said that over 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. Wearing a bra that’s too big or too small can have serious health consequences like neck, shoulder, and back pain. The wrong bra size can increase the risk of skin abrasions, ruin posture, present blockage of the lymph nodes, and increase the likeliness of sagging breasts. Also, the potential to trigger breast cancer can occur due to wearing the wrong size. If your bra is just downright painful and uncomfortable, it may be time to check it out with a measuring tape and find that perfect size for you.

How to Find a Perfect Fit

To find your band size, wrap the measuring tape around your underbust and ensure that the measuring tape is both tight enough, as well as level. Once you get the measurement of your underbust, round to the nearest whole number.

Finding the Right Fitting | Finding a Perfect Bra

Next, to determine your bust measurement, pull the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust a bit loosely so that it’s comfortable. Once you find the exact measurement, once again round to the nearest whole number.

You’ve determined your band and bust measurement. Subtract your band size from your bust measurement and the difference in inches indicates your cup size.

The Bra Anatomy

  • The band

Roughly 80% of support for your breasts comes from the band of your bra. It is designed to sit firmly on the ribcage; the band’s purpose is to distribute the majority of the weight, hence why it’s crucial that the band fits snugly and lies straight across your back, parallel to the floor. If the band is riding up, it’s too large, and it’s not doing its job.

  • The cups

If your breast tissue is spilling over your bra cups or your nipples are peeking out to say hello to the world, then the bra’s cups are too small, and it’s time to size up! If there’s a gap between your breasts and the cups, then the cups are noticeably too big,

Finding the Right Fitting | Finding a Perfect Bra

and you may want to look into sizing down. Bra cups are supposed to support your breasts by comfortably cradling them and should prevent spillage. The gore should be flat against your chest.

  • The straps

Only the right bra size can ensure you correct support, which means it is very crucial to confirm the right size of your bra.

If your bra cups or back band size are too loose, then you will feel the need to adjust your straps tighter in order to compensate for the looseness in other places. You can find your suitable bra size by checking that the straps are snug enough to stay on your shoulders without digging into the

Finding the Right Fitting | Finding a Perfect Bra

skin. These are both good indicators of a suitable bra and the correct size. It’s not the straps that do all the heavy lifting when it comes to supporting your breasts; the band plays a significant role in it, too.

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