What Is The Difference Between A Contour Bra And A Push-up Bra?

What Is The Difference Between A Contour Bra And A Push-up Bra?

Do you know what is the difference between a contour bra and a push-up bra? If yes, then that’s great but if you say no. You are not alone because many women still cannot tell these two bra styles apart. Not all are very knowledgeable when it comes to picking their own bra. About 2 out of 10 women get their bra size wrong. Well, do not fret because we will help you out with this little guide.

Before we get any deeper, it is better to start with the basics.

What is a push-up bra?

A push-up bra is a type of bra that provides support and enhances your bra size by 1 to 2 sizes. This type of bra is usually designed and structured to have padding inside its cups. The bra pushes your breasts upwards and towards the center of your chest giving you a more defined cleavage.

Many women wear push-up bras under their casual clothes or formal clothing such as dresses. This type of bra is perfect for women who have smaller to medium size breasts.

What is a contour bra?

A contour bra is a type of moulded cup bra that is designed to provide you support and shape without increasing your bust size. This type of bra is structured to have smooth and always padded cups which makes it retain its shape whether you are wearing it or not. Contour bras usually have underwire which helps support your breast.

Many women, especially women with larger breasts, tend to avoid this bra style because of the misconception that it will make their breasts look even larger. Contour bras actually do the opposite. This bra shapes your breasts making it look more symmetrical and rounder in appearance. This bra is best worn under casual tops such as white shirts or blouses.

How are they different?

You can easily tell these two bra styles apart by just looking at their cups. The cups of a contour bra have a more unified padding while the push-up bra's padding is focused mainly at the bottom part of the cups.

Unlike push up bras, the contour bra is designed to be more seamless and smooth especially when you wear thin shirts. A push up bra will have narrower gore than a contour bra because a push up bra focuses on providing you a much needed lift rather than evenly distributing your breasts unto the cups.

Which one to choose?

Depending on what you really need for your breasts, the contour bra and push-up bra is good to have. Contour bras are perfect to have as everyday bras because they are much more comfortable and your breasts will feel more balanced. However if you need a little help with the girls, a push up bra will be perfect for you. Regardless of what you pick, it is best to know your true size for each bra because if the bra is too big or too small you will have a horrible experience and you will not fully take advantage of the bra.

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