10 Things Especially Your Bra That You Need to Change or Get Rid Of At The End of 2020

10 Things Especially Your Bra That You Need to Change or Get Rid Of At The End of 2020

We all know that 2020 is not the best year for most of us and unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do to change it. With 2021 just around the corner, each and everyone of us are excited to start the new year with a blank slate and start anew. Our minds are set to heal and get rid of all the negative events and things that have happened throughout the year.

It has become a subconscious habit for people to make New Year’s resolutions around this time of year. The idea of setting a New Year’s resolution has become a beacon of hope for most of us to turn a new leaf in life. While making a New Year’s resolution is not a bad thing but let’s face it, about half of us will forget about our resolutions around mid-January or mid-February. The reason being is that our New Year’s resolutions become an overwhelming hurdle for most of us to overcome.

Regardless, letting go of old things or habits can become a great factor for amazing changes. Letting go may be a difficult thing to do but what is important is making room for better things that you deserve.

Here is a list that will inspire you to make letting go a little easier:

1. Old Unhealthy Habits

A wise man once said “Old habits die hard.” A person can subconsciously start a habit that can be either healthy or unhealthy. However, old unhealthy habits are the kind of habits that are really hard to change. Whether it is procrastinating or simply sitting for hours upon hours in front of your computer, not getting rid of old unhealthy habits will prevent you from starting new healthy ones. By simply eating right, doing simple daily exercises and getting enough sleep will greatly impact your health. Making small life changing habits can do wonders in your life.

2. A Negative Mentality

We all know that it is hard to have a positive mind in 2020. Regardless, starting the new year with a positive mindset will help you have a healthier outlook for the future ahead. Reconnect your mind by thinking about what you are grateful for. Starting your day by counting and being grateful for your blessings is the best way to snap out of a negative mentality.

3. Toxic Relationships/People

Whether it is a romantic relationship or family, if your relationship with that person is giving you mental strain it means it is time to cut ties with them. Having a toxic

relationship with someone will just bring you down and will prevent you from growing as a person. If you are struggling with cutting ties with people, ask yourself “Is this person willing to support and help me grow as a person in the future?’ if the answer is “No” then it is time to say goodbye. Focus and build yourself through self-care and self reflecting for a better relationship not just with others but with yourself.

4. Digital Declutter

Let’s face it, the digital era has taken control of our lives and we just let it happen. Hoarding doesn’t just happen with material things it also happens digitally. Digital decluttering is a great way to get rid of the unwanted distraction of your mobile devices. Some ways you can digital declutter are deleting unimportant emails, uninstalling unused apps from your smartphone, clearing or transferring photos from your photo gallery and most importantly unfollowing toxic people from your social media accounts. Digital decluttering doesn’t just help clear out phone storage it also helps reset your mentality.

5. Old Clothes & Bras

Have you ever opened your closet and seen overlapping clothes hangers? Or maybe mountains of clothes that you bought years ago? If the answer is “Yes” then it is time to declutter your clothes. Assess your wardrobe and if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing for more than a year then that is a sign that it’s time to let it go.

Believe it or not, one of the most hoarded things that a woman will own are bras. Some women like collecting lingerie but some unintentionally hoard them. Unlike shirts

and other clothes, bras are a little trickier when it comes to sizing hence women tend to buy a lot which doesn’t fit them. The best solution is to talk to sizing experts and ask for advice on how to know the right fit for you. You don’t have to necessarily throw away your clothes. You can simply collect your unused clothes and donate them to local organizations or someone who will value them more.

6. Linen

It is best to regularly check your towels and bedding especially if you love hosting guests and also avoid hoarding them. Assess your linen and determine which ones are for keeps and get rid of the ones that are worn out. Remember to donate the old but good linens because it will be a great value to those who need it. You can also repurpose the worn out ones.

7. Makeup and Beauty Products

Yes, makeup does expire. It is best practice to always check the expiration dates for your makeup and beauty products. Expired beauty products will be less effective and can pose a great danger not just to your skin but your whole health in general. Repeated use of expired products will lead to infection. Even sealed and unopened beauty products can pose a health risk especially if it is stored more than the advised timeline of use.

8. Kitchen Declutter

Have you ever bought something that looks cool and useful but only used once? Honestly, most of us have. From a juicer to a cool looking container, we are somehow guilty with buying things that we don’t regularly use in our kitchen. If a kitchen appliance that you once bought has been collecting dust on your kitchen counter or pantry, you better consider donating or selling it. Not only it will help declutter your kitchen it can also make space for the ones that you use regularly. Also, don’t forget to recycle those random containers that have mismatch or missing lids.

9. Expired Products

Whether it is food. medicine or cleaning products, it is a must to always check the expiration date. Products such as medicine and cleaning products tend to be less effective once they reach their expiration date. Expired products may also pose great health risk that is why checking is always a plus.

10. Decoration

We tend to buy things in order to make our personal spaces more aesthetically pleasing. Whether it is a lamp or a small vase, we buy them to express and match our personal style. However, people will be likely to buy things and forget about it; leaving it to collect dust or be stored away. It is best to declutter the unused decoration and either donate or sell them. It will not only give you more space but it will also help your place look more pleasing to the eyes.

Change is unpredictable and we all know that unpredictable things are scary. But, we all have the potential to grow as a person regardless of gender, age or ethnicity. Getting rid of old habits or things can be hard but not being able to have room for things that we truly deserve will just make our lives even harder.

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