How to Find The Right Level of Support For Your Bra?

How to Find The Right Level of Support For Your Bra?

The phrase “One size fits all” doesn’t really apply to women’s breasts. Just like women, breasts come in different shapes and sizes. A woman’s breast is genetically made up of fat tissue which gives its shape and size. The more fat tissue present tends to make the breasts grow larger and vise versa.

Since breasts don't have any structural component, such as muscle or bones, it will need external support to hold its shape and weight. Since the early ages, the bra has been created and designed to support women’s breasts to a certain extent. Thankfully, the modern bra comes in different varieties and provides more support than its predecessors.

To fully understand how a bra provides support. We must first understand the different roles of each part of the bra.

A bra is consists of many parts but we will only talk about three general parts; the cups, the straps and the bands.

  • Cups

The cups of the bra is consists of 3 parts but its major role is to hold the breasts in place. They are made to hold and shape the breasts. Cups are also designed to keep the bust against the chest with the help of the straps.

  • Straps

The straps help hold the cups and bands in place while also providing extra support. Shoulder straps are designed in different styles depending on the style of the bra.

  • Bands/Wings

The bands/wings of a bra helps the cups and straps keep your breast in place. Believe it or not, the part that provides the most support are not the cups nor the straps but the bands. Yes, cups and straps can help keep the breasts in place but the bands provide about 80 - 90 percent of support from a bra. The bands help distribute the weight of the breasts more evenly which helps in providing more support.

Since we have covered the basics of the bra, let's move onto finding the perfect level of support for your bra.

Here are some tips to use to know which level of support is perfect for you

1. Find out about your true size and also alternative size

Bra comes in different arrays of styles and designs depending on the brands that they fall under to. However, even the most well known bra brand can have their faults if you buy the wrong size. Size and support goes hand in hand when it comes to choosing the right bra. That is why in order to have the right support, you need to have the right size of bra. Having the wrong size of bra will deeply compromise the maximum support that a bra can provide you.

2. What level of comfort do you want to achieve?

In order to know the level of support you want, you need to ask yourself what level of comfort you would like to have. Knowing the level of comfort you want will help you decide which bra style will work for you.

3. Know the different bra styles and how they work

Choosing the right bra style can also impact the level of support that you will need. Different styles will provide different methods of how to support your breast. A racerback will support your breast by distributing the weight onto your back while a push-up bra relies on underwire while still giving you ample support. Remember, no bra is the same.

4. Different fabric serves different purposes

Different designs means different materials used. Just like any other clothing item, bras can be made with different fabrics. Whether it is cotton or polyester, different fabrics can provide many ways to support your breasts.

5. Know Your Bra’s Life span

Yes, even your favorite bra has a life span. Just like any other clothing item, a bra can be outstretched and loose over time. Overstretched bras will not provide you efficient support and will only do you damage especially your shoulder area. If the bands are loose, the straps will do most of the work which means the straps will start to dig onto your shoulders. When that happens, It’s time to get a new one.

You got to admit, bras are very complicated and intimidating pieces of clothing but by knowing what you want and the true size of your breasts the process of finding one will become less tedious. But if you are still unsure, it is always best to ask help from the experts. Bradoria has bra fitting experts that will help lessen the frustration in finding the right bra for you. Our fitting experts will assist you in figuring out those scary measurements and help you find a bra that will fit and support you perfectly.

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