Your Bra Should Provide You with Proper Lift and Direction

Your Bra Should Provide You with Proper Lift and Direction

Have you ever worn a bra that perfectly fits but doesn’t look good when you put a top on? There are instances when the bra fits but your breast looks too uneven or even worse your breasts point in different directions. There are many factors that can contribute to how a bra lifts and shapes the breasts.

How to get the right amount of lift?

The most common misconception of women about bras is that the lifting comes from the straps and underwire. The bra’s straps is just one of the main contributors of giving your breast support and lift. In fact, the only main job of the straps is to keep your breasts in place and close to your chest in order to minimize excess movements.

Ordinary commercialized bras don’t usually provide you enough lift nor direction. These kinds of bras usually have smaller cups and heavily focus on their underwire to provide support and lift. An ill fitted bra with underwire will only do more harm than good for your breast.

A properly fitted bra will not just give you lift but it will also lessen the risk of having health problems related to breasts. Bras that heavily rely on underwire will just press on your armpit and interfere with your natural circulation and lymphatic drainage process. The lymphatic system helps remove and drains out toxins and waste from your body. The lymph nodes are concentrated around the underarm/breast area and the groin. Lymph nodes are known to be sensitive to pressure and compression. A fully functioning lymphatic system is essential for good health and prevents breast diseases. The support and lift should come from beneath the breast not on the straps nor underwire. (here is an article that shows you how to find a right level of support from a bra)

A proper fitted bra should have:

  1. Supportive cups that encompass all the breast tissue
  2. Support that comes beneath the breast and from the straps
  3. Underwire that does not gouge or bruise delicate breast tissue
  4. A design and structure made with soft and skin friendly fabric that is not excessively tight or loose
  5. The breast position should be supported so the apex (nipple) of the breast is halfway between the shoulder and elbow.
  6. Help lift breast and improve posture

What factors affect your breast’s direction?

Some bras give the bust a more upward rounded shape while others give a forwarded pointed shape. The silhouette and shape of your breast may vary from bra to bra. The different preferences of women may also affect the shape and direction. However, there are other factors that can affect the shape and direction of your breast, from the cups to the tightness of the bands.

Here are some factors that can help you decide your next bra

  • Cups and Underwire

Depending on the surface area of the cups and the shape of the underwire, the shape and silhouette of the breast will vary. The more surface area of the cups the more room the breast will have. The higher the underwire the more separated the breast will be. A well fitted cup and underwire will shape and provide direction to the breast without sacrificing your comfort.

  • Direction of the Seam

The seam and cut of the bra are the fundamental factors in a bra’s unique shape. The direction of the seam will help determine the direction of the breasts. A vertical seam will bring your breasts forward while a horizontal seam will lift your breast upwards.

  • Side Support

The shape and direction of the breasts will be greatly affected depending on the structure and elasticity of the side support. The side support such as the bands help shape and prevent the breast from flowing out of the cups.

  • Your Bra’s Elasticity

The elasticity of your bra is also a factor that will shape and provide direction to your breasts. Once your side bands become loose it is time to buy a new one because an old and loose bra will not be able to maintain the shape nor the direction of your breast.

The right amount of shape and direction of the breast depends on your own preference. However, the most important factor is the proper and right fit of the bra itself. If you are still unsure on what bra you should get, we highly recommend that you talk to an expert. Whether it is for fitting concerns or style recommendations, our fitting experts will be more happy to help you out.

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