Ways to Properly Wear Bra to Prevent Breast Cancer

Ways to Properly Wear Bra to Prevent Breast Cancer

With a growing number of women suffering from breast cancer, a lot of organizations have started to organize different programs and created studies to identify the causes of this disease. That’s also the main reason why there are a lot of speculations and myths about the connection of bras to breast cancer.

In recent years, an idea about the use of underwired bras causing breast cancer has circulated and ignite doubts to many women. There are many speculations such as the use of too tight bras, badly fitting bras, wearing bras when sleeping and wearing a bra for too long.

However, there is only one thing sure, there are still no evidence and concrete research about the connecting of wearing a bra to breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, there are no published studies from their journals that can suggest wearing bras may contribute to breast cancer.

Regardless, there is nothing wrong if you want to believe this as it is better to be safe than sorry.

Can Wearing Bras Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer?

Bras are designed to alter the shape of our breast by putting constant pressure on the breast tissue. We are always conscious of how our breast will look like and manage to invest in bras that can make it look bigger and all natural. However, this process can constrict the lymphatic vessels and is often recognized because of indentations and red marks in the skin after wearing your bras.

The bras can prevent the proper circulation and drainage of lymph. Our lymphatic system plays a big role in flushing out the debris and toxins from the tissues and impairment on this, can lead to the toxification of the breast tissues. This can let the toxins to widespread inside your body and let you develop possible diseases.

What You Can Do?

•   Don’t Wear Bra Often – It is advisable to avoid the use of bras often or for a longer period of time. If you are staying in the house and there are no people that will come over, then you are free to wear no bras inside. It can be more comfortable and let your breast build up a more natural look.

•   Wear Camisole or Loose Layer – Camisoles can be a great alternative to bras. It is ideal to give your breast a break and let the air flow within. You can also look for loose layers of clothes that are more comfortable and easier for you to wear and remove.

•   Organic Cotton or Loose Fitting Bra – Another factor that you’ll consider is the materials used for the bra. There are some made of an organic cotton material that is easier for you to use while there are others designed with specific fabric material to let you have more benefits.

In the end, there is no concrete evidence that using bras can prevent breast cancer, but for better assurance on your safety and comfort then you have to fully understand things. If you are noticing changes in your breast, then you can consider seeking for the help of your doctor.

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